Thursday, March 23, 2017

  • Thursday, March 23, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
Last month, I reported that Kuwait was seeking to expel Israel from the International Parliamentary Union.

But they can't just kick out Israel, That  doesn't look good. They need to use the existing bylaws of the IPU in order to get rid of Israel. And if the existing laws aren't adequate, they need to add new ones.

So they have put together an elaborate plan over the next couple of years - all with the goal of getting rid of Israel - within the rules.

It is instructive to see them lay out their plans now, because this is how the anti-Israel forces work. They use moral reasons to justify their antisemitism, but as in this case, they know they hate Israel/Jews before they come up with the bogus reasons why they hate them. The IPU has no bylaws to kick out Israel, so the Arabs must create them.

In this case, they are very public about their plans.

Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker, Marzouq Al-Ghanim said in a speech to the Arab Parliamentary Union conference on Tuesday, that the goal was to remove the Israeli Knesset from the Union.

He told reporters on the sidelines of the conference in Rabat that the Kuwaiti Parliamentary Group is going to propose amendments to the Statute of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to allow the creation of penalties for violation of what they will call "fundamental principles" that are aimed directly at Israel.

In this case, Kuwait will try to propose that any country that ignores certain UN resolutions be expelled. He specifically cited UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that passed late last year and Israel's law that could legalize specific settlements after the fact.

The anti-Israel  amendments will be presented to an  Executive Committee meeting to be held in Dhaka in April. The proposed amendments will then be placed on the agenda of the Governing Council in St. Petersburg in Russia next October.

But Al Ghanim was careful to tell reporters that all of these moves to expel the only Jewish state was not being done out of racist motives, but because Israel's transgressions are so "flagrant and obvious."

He stressed that "the duty of every Arab member of the group (and not just the Kuwaiti parliament) is to win for the cause of the Arabs and Muslims and all of the free world, which is the Palestinian issue."

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
Xerox has an amusing advertisement, actually an update of a much older commercial, showing Brother Dominic, who, after painstakingly writing a manuscript, is instructed to make 500 copies and (in the update) to translate it and distribute it worldwide.

The monk, naturally, uses Xerox technology to do this. His words are spread worldwide.

Notice at what happens at the 0:45 second mark.

Religious Jews are discussing Brother Dominic's words!

Is Xerox advocating missionary activity among Jews?

I'm being tongue in cheek.

But I can imagine some Jewish groups protesting to Xerox over this trifle of a commercial.

Please don't! There are enough real problems with antisemitism that we don't have to make up issues and force apologies over what was simply meant to be amusing.

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From Ian:

Andrew Pessin: How to Be Pro-Palestinian on Campus Without Being An Antisemite
The times may be a changing, in the campus wars over Israel: the idea that the anti-Israel movement is fundamentally antisemitic appears to be gaining traction. The evidence? In recent weeks several U.K. universities cancelled “Israeli Apartheid Week” events, at least one of which—the University of Lancashire—was explicitly motivated by the U.K.’s December adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. On that definition, certain forms of anti-Israelism are deemed antisemitic, and “Israeli Apartheid Weeks,” scheduled to occur on many campuses in Europe and North America this spring, often include events that appear to fulfill those conditions. Similar winds are blowing in the United States, where the U. S. State Department definition of antisemitism is able to do the same work, famously classifying as “antisemitic” actions that “delegitimize, demonize, or apply double standards to” the State of Israel. Already pro-Israel activists at schools such as Columbia University lobbied hard to cancel “Apartheid Week” events scheduled there starting three weeks ago, invoking the State Department definition and citing the Lancashire precedent. That effort failed, but what is significant is that the effort was made in the first place.
Some campus anti-Israelists are perhaps motivated by antisemitism. But many, perhaps the large majority, sincerely deny they are, and so there is much ongoing and tortuous debate over precisely when anti-Israel activism becomes antisemitism. Can you attack the legitimacy of the Jewish State without being an antisemite? (What if you sincerely believe, on the basis of your historical research, that it was founded illegitimately?) Is it antisemitic to accuse Israel of demonic behavior, if you sincerely believe, on the basis of evidence, that it is guilty of such? (The media is filled with such reports, is it not?) And anyway, what precisely constitute “delegitimization” and “demonization”? Israel’s supporters regularly accuse anti-Israelists of antisemitism; anti-Israelists claim Israel-supporters use that label only to silence their legitimate criticism of Israel. And the debate goes on.
“We are not antisemites,” campus activists proclaim, “we are merely fighting for the welfare and rights of the Palestinian people.” Being “pro-Palestinian” is wonderful, of course; but campus activism sometimes looks more “anti-Israel” than “pro-Palestinian,” and that’s where the trouble begins. On the surface, at least, being “anti-Israel” (or “anti-Zionist”) is not very wonderful: opposing the nation state of the Jewish people, or denying the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland—which often involves denying Jewish history and even peoplehood—surely looks and sounds like antisemitism, even if it is honorably motivated by pro-Palestinian intentions.
Fred Maroun Linda Sarsour is only the symptom of a much bigger illness
Ayaan stood up to Sarsour, calling her “a fake feminist”. Yet instead of honouring Ayaan, a true hero of feminism and human rights, for defending Western values through this stand and many others, we demonize her. Brandeis University cowardly revoked plans to give Ayaan an honorary degree. The Southern Poverty Law center shamefully listed Ayaan as an Anti-Muslim Extremist.
The Sarsour phenomenon indicates that the West has lost the ability to defend its own values. We appease and even glorify the enemies of our values rather than confront them. This phenomenon also uncovers the West’s (particularly the Western left’s) “racism of lower expectations” (in the words of Ayaan). It explains why we give Sarsour a position of leadership and why we praise her when we would never do the same for a person of European descent who held the same beliefs.
We insist on remaining blind to the need for Islam to reform, and we treat Islam with even more deference than we treat other religions that have already undergone the reformation that Islam badly needs.
We refuse to integrate Muslim immigrants into our culture. Instead, we throw them into a society that they often do not understand, and we expect them to swim. If they do not drown, we hold them up as some sort of miracle, ignoring that they survived only thanks to Islamic extremists within their community, to which they now owe their existence.
If we do not take ownership of this problem, there will be many more Sarsours and many more appeasers among us in the future. Instead of imparting our liberal values to the world, we will find ourselves drowned by the radical Islam that we invited into our home.
BDS, Martin Luther King Jr. and Existentialism
So the reason behind King’s careful engineering of confrontations — such as marches chosen at locations likely to generate harsh responses that would play out on the nightly news — was not to rub white America’s nose in its own bigotry, but rather to create an unnerving contradiction between people’s self-characterization of goodness with ugly images of violence and repression in the name of those same “good people.”
When faced with such a disturbing contradiction, an individual has two choices: change his self-perception to embrace (or at least find room for) justifications of violence and repression, or change the world in order to eliminate the source of that disturbance. King banked on the fact that, as hard as it might be to change the world, changing self-perception — especially one of virtue — is even harder. And thus his brilliantly chosen tactics, dangerous though they were to him and his supporters, were aligned with the internal psychological “flow” of the people he wanted to reach.
Lack of this sort of existential empathy might explain the limited impact projects such as Black Lives Matter have had within the wider culture, since they seem to be more interested in generating feelings of guilt and self-disgust among large segments of the public. And even if you agree that America’s attitudes towards race have been and continue to be shameful, who wants to be involved with a project offering shame vs. one offering uplift?
Insights derived from the belief system that powered King’s movement can help us better understand the BDS project, and inform the best ways to fight against it. And it is to that first item — the BDSers’ existential strategy of destruction — that we will turn to next time.

By Ilan Costica (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As Jews, we’re always feeling our collective pulse. We read of an antisemitic incident and mentally compare it to events leading up to the Holocaust. How bad is this on a (Kristallnacht) scale of 1-10? Is it time to pack our bags and make an escape?

Well, last week there was an antisemitic event in Valencia, Spain, that rated an 8 on my personal Kristallnacht scale. There was a basketball game. The Hapoel Jerusalem team played Valencia. The lights were dimmed at the start of the game, at which point, cops came to the area where all the Israeli fans were seated and beat the crap out of them.

They used clubs.

The incident got little play in the press. I saw maybe three stories in total.

I shared the Israel National News story on Facebook, which said in part:

“About 30 fans, who came to support their team in their game in Spain, were beaten by local Spanish police officers who used clubs.
 “Police said that the Jerusalem fans did not respond to the officers’ demands that they sit only in two rows at the back of the hall, which was not enough for all 30 fans, and claimed that the fans broke chairs and even raised a hateful sign against the officers.
 “As soon as the lights in the hall were dimmed, the local police burst into the stands where the Jerusalem fans were sitting, and began to violently remove them from the hall. Anyone who tried to take pictures of the incident was attacked as well.
 “Later, the fans were split into two groups - those who had ID cards and those who did not. Those who were without an ID card were physically searched by the officers.
 “After ten minutes, during which the Jerusalem fans were surrounded by officers, they were released and were escorted to the nearest train station.
 “Journalists who witnessed the incident reported that there were no disturbances by the fans, and that the only reason they were attacked was because they were Israelis.”

Dave Bender tagged Jonty Maresky on the thread, a fellow Efratian, who, as it turns out, is team physician for the Hapoel Yerushalayim basketball team. Jonty wrote:

“I happily found a replacement for this game so I wasn't there, although hopefully we'll beat them today thus forcing a final game in Valencia on Wednesday and I'll be there.
 “The Valencia local government recently passed anti-Israel legislation regarding the sale of Israeli products.
 “The Hapoel management were helpless in the face of a pre-arranged uniformed ambush, performed as the lights were dimmed thus circumventing the in-house cameras.
 “The management announced yesterday that Hapoel will reimburse all the fans for the cost of their air tickets to Valencia.
 “Antisemitism has many faces. Especially in Europe we [are] constantly reminded that it tends to be most malignant when it comes down from the administrative ranks of a particular society.....”

When I first read that story on INN, I had to look twice. I expect to see antisemitism in a story about soccer. Antisemitism is just rife in soccer. We’ve seen it in Holland, Bosnia, Italy, England, Poland, Croatia, and more. I figure that soccer is the most popular game in Europe and that it’s the kind of game where testosterone and tensions are going to run high. The kind of game where the common man is going to let loose and express himself, no holds barred.

I think we can pretty much gauge how Europe feels about the Jews from these many antisemitic soccer incidents.

But now Jew-hate appears to have moved into basketball, as well.

We did, of course, have the incident last year in Newton, Massachusetts, during which Catholic Memorial High School fans chanted, “You Killed Jesus,” at Newton North fans. But there, the principal of the Catholic school forced the chanters to apologize. Catholic clergy spoke out forcefully from their pulpits and educational programs on the subject of antisemitism were planned and executed in the schools.

That is how leaders of the community, how educators and the establishment, should handle antisemitism. With action, forceful statements, and education. Instead, what we have in Spain is the establishment actively taking part in the antisemitic proceedings, an outright abuse of power and position, a planned assault on Jewish Israelis by the police.

An “ambush” as Jonty called it.

They waited until the lights were low so the cameras wouldn’t catch it.

They were sly about it.

And it seems to me that when police beat up Jews on the sly, things are going from bad to worse.

Definitely an 8 on my Kristallnacht scale.

When I think about what happened in Valencia, I picture Nazis going after Jews, hitting them over the heads with clubs, pulling out their beards, forcing elderly Jews to scrub the cobblestones of Berlin. That stuff was all very public, while in Valencia, the police waited for the lights to dim. They did it to Israelis, rather than local Jews. It’s when they do it in broad daylight, to random locals Jews that it may be too late for the Jews of Valencia (and Europe) to leave.

What happened is a symptom of an illness that is progressing, getting worse.

Not that there are many Jews in Spain, just 45,000 of them. After all, the Edict of Expulsion wasn’t annulled until 1968. That’s when the Jews began to come back. They opened a synagogue in Madrid and started building communities. Of course, there was no real religious freedom until Franco’s regime ended in 1977. But the Jews are always hopeful.

Front row in order from left to right: Karl Wolff, Heinrich Himmler, Franco and Spain's Foreign Minister Serrano Súñer in Madrid, October 1940
Now it’s time for them to be wary. Things are not looking good when the police beat up Jews in the dark so the cameras won’t catch it. Definitely an 8 on the Kristallnacht scale.

Not looking good at all.

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Our weekly column from the humor site PreOccupied Territory

Check out their Facebook page.

I Only Yell At Jews, Because You Have To Start Somewhere
By Hippo Critt, BDS Activist
Credit: Takver, via Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Takver, via Wikimedia Commons
Berkeley, March 22 - It takes a certain amount of gall to accuse social justice activist such as I of prejudice. Just because I reserve all my vitriol for Jews doesn't mean I'm an antisemite. I just know I can't possibly fight all the wrongs being done in the world in my limited lifetime, so I've confined myself to the wrongs I see being done or condoned by Jews.

If you bring real honesty to this, you will realize just how unfair the charge of antisemitism is. I'm not opposed to Jews - I'm opposed to all injustice, whether committed by Jews or by others. There simply are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week, to cover all human misdeeds, so I have decided to limit my social action to Jewish misdeeds, whether real or perceived. The fact that you see antisemitism in my expressions of social conscience says more about you than it does about me.

Why do you need to see antisemitism everywhere you see Jews attacked when no one else is singled out for identical or similar offenses? I can be perfectly bias-free and still only see the need to call out Jewish or Israeli offenses for reasons entirely unrelated to Jewishness or Israel per se, and it's none of your business what those reasons might be. Why are you oppressing me, you fascist?

You're Jewish, aren't you? I knew it. Not that I'm antisemitic. I couldn't be! I just knew it somehow. Maybe it was my visceral need to call you a fascist that clued me in. And since you're here, I'll take this opportunity to lambast you for what your people are doing to the Palestinians. You goddamn fascist. You're just trying to silence me by painting me as a bigot. It won't work - you and your kind always do that, but history should teach you Jews what happens to fascists. And to Jews who oppose them. Or support them. I have nothing against Jews. They just pop into my head first when I think of people I need to oppose when I fight oppression.

Other causes can attract other people. I focus on Jews. If there's someone who wants to agitate for BDS against China or Russia for occupying someone else's land, I have no problem with that! More power to them! Me, I focus on Israel and Jews. So if no one is actually taking up the cause of the oppressed Tibetans or the dispossessed Ukrainians, that's not my problem. I'm focused on Israel and Jews.

Because you have to start somewhere.

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From Ian:

World Shrugs as Hezbollah Prepares for Mass Murder of Israelis
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently warned Israel that his Iran-backed terror group could attack targets that would lead to mass Israeli casualties, including a huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa, and a nuclear reactor in Dimona.
Also, Tower Magazine reported last month that since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, Iran has provided Hezbollah with a vast supply of “game-changing,” state-of-the art weapons, despite Israel’s occasional airstrikes against weapons convoys.
In a future conflict with the Jewish state, Hezbollah has the capacity to fire 1,500 rockets into Israel each day, overwhelming Israel’s missile defense systems. Should such a scenario materialize, Israel will be forced to respond with unprecedented firepower to defend its own civilians.
Hezbollah’s advanced weapons and the systems needed to launch them are reportedly embedded across a staggering 10,000 locations in the heart of more than 200 civilian towns and villages. The Israeli military has openly warned about this Hezbollah war crime, and the grave threats that it poses to both sides — but that alarm generated almost no attention from the global media, the United Nations or other international institutions.
Like the terror group Hamas, Hezbollah knows that civilian deaths at the hands of Israel are a strategic asset, because they produce diplomatic pressure to limit Israel’s military response. Hezbollah reportedly went so far as offering reduced-price housing to Shiite families who allowed the terrorist group to store rocket launchers in their homes.
"Algeria, where are your Jews?" - Hillel Neuer at UNHRC's day against Israel

12 said hurt in stabbing, car-ramming outside UK Parliament
At least 12 people were reported injured in a stabbing and car ramming outside the British parliament in London and on the nearby Westminster Bridge.
The parliament was on lockdown after an assailant stabbed an officer, then was shot dead by police, officials said. London Police also said officers were called to an incident on Westminster Bridge nearby.
Police aid they were treating the attack “as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.” They said in a statement that the incident was ongoing and urged people to stay away from the area.
It was not immediately clear exactly what happened or how many people were injured. On the bridge, witnesses said, a vehicle struck several people, and photos showed a car plowed into railings. Witnesses in Parliament reported hearing sounds like gunfire.

  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon

Why should Mahmoud Abbas change the narrative when there are so many people who are eager to believe it?

From Palestinian Media Watch:
The international community is becoming more and more convinced that the occupation of the Palestinian state by Israel is the reason for all the disasters that the region and the world are suffering from, and that without a just solution to the Palestinian issue in accordance with the two-state solution – which is included in the Arab Peace Initiative – and the relevant resolutions of the [UN] Security Council, neither peace, nor security, nor stability will be achieved, and the region will remain exposed to very difficult possibilities, especially in light of the growth of the phenomenon of terror and extremism, which we condemn and are fighting against with all of our strength.
-Official PA TV, March 12, 2017 

Blaming Israel for ISIS and Syria and Libya and Yemen and Iran is just a more sophisticated form of antisemitism.

The "linkage" argument gets more absurd by the day, and yet Abbas needs it in order to justify his assault on the Jewish state.

But in reality, as always, Abbas is giving the world a threat: as long as he doesn't get his demands met, he is promising more terror and bloodshed.

This is officially-sanctioned blackmail.

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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
There were a number of articles over the past couple of weeks as famous anonymous artist Banksy opened up a politically charged hotel in Bethlehem.
The three-storey hotel, its low-lit bar and restaurant decorated like a British colonial clubhouse but with ironic works by the artist covering the walls, was unveiled two weeks ago but has only now opened to overnight stays.
Famous posters are displayed inside the museum at the Walled Off Hotel.

There are 10 rooms, ranging from a budget barracks-style accommodation for backpackers to a presidential suite that can sleep six. None of the rooms has a view -- all of them look out on Israel's five-meter, graffiti-covered concrete wall.

The Daily Beast took lots of photos of the hotel, including this one of a hotel museum with this caption:

Let's take a look at these famous posters in the Banksy Museum of Palestine.

This is obviously a Zionist poster, designed and published at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 1929.

In 2009, David Tartakover, an Israel Prize laureate, took the first page of his grandfather’s passport and printed the following words on it, in English: “On October 21, 1938, my grandparents left Vienna, Austria, for Palestine.” The passports of David and Rebeka Tartakover bore the swastika and the letter “J,” in red, identifying them as Jews.'

He submitted this as an entry for a poster exhibit in Greece and it was turned down for being too controversial.

It is obviously a Zionist poster.

This was a poster for a shipping line that happened to go to Palestine. Nothing particularly "Palestinian" about it except for the romanticized camel, which is a Western concept of the area more than anything that reflected reality.

A famous Zionist poster from 1936 that has been hijacked by the Palestinian Arabs for years.

Another Zionist poster advertising the beach at Nahariya, 1938.

These are illustrations that accompanied sheet music for two novelty songs from the 1910s. The lyrics show that the authors were just using "Palestine" as an exotic place name; the "Building a Palace" song is about a girl named Alice, which is hardly an Arab name.

The composer of "My Rose of Palestine" was Abe Olman, originally Abraham Olshewitz,

None of the posters in this museum are remotely Palestinian Arab. But then there is this one:

An original BDS poster from 2005, with a violence motif.

So of all the posters in Banksy's museum that we have photos of, almost all are either Zionist posters from the 1920s-1930s and kitschy representations of "Palestine" from American songwriters. Only one is actually Palestinian Arab - and that one doesn't celebrate Palestine but is simply anti-Israel agitprop.

Banksy is pro-Palestinian and a gifted artist, yet his art museum of posters from "Palestine" show only that the Jews are the ones who have an emotional connection to the land, and that the Arabs' only interest is to get rid of the Jews.

This may be the most accurate thing about Banksy's hotel.

(h/t Daniel)

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  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
In one of the most famous Seinfeld episodes (the Yada-Yada,) Jerry is upset when he thinks that his dentist converted to Judaism just to be able to tell Jewish jokes.

I was reminded of that by this story:

A New York man who claimed he was the target of anti-Semitic graffiti was arrested on Monday on suspicion that he daubed the swastikas on his home himself.

Andrew King, who says he is Jewish, reported to police on February 10 that vandals had drawn two swastikas on the wall of his house in Schenectady, in upstate New York. He said that he was clearing snow from his driveway when he saw the symbols.

“Just a vein of fear went right through me,” King told the Daily Gazette at that time. “All that history attached to that Nazi symbol.”

However, after investigating the claim, police concluded that King himself painted the swastikas and the 54-year old was arrested on the charge of reporting a false crime.
 The rabbi of the local synagogue, Congregation Gates of Heaven, told BuzzFeed News that he had known King for a decade, but that the man had never converted to Judaism. 
There have also been people who falsely claim to be Jewish just to be able to give extra emotional power to their anti-Israel activities.

So while very few people actually want to be Jewish, a lot of people want to be "As-A-Jews." There are lots of benefits to pretending to be Jewish without the irritating parts of actually knowing anything about Judaism or feeling obligated to uphold any Jewish laws.

Maybe it is time to create a new religion, AsAJudaism. Joining is as easy as prefixing any self-serving statement with "As a Jew..."

Not only would it attract lots of non-Jews who want the perks of Judaism without the responsibilities, but it would also attract lots of born Jews who want the same thing.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

From Ian:

David Collier: A sickness at the heart of Academia, blindness at the LSE
20th March 2017. The London School of Economics (LSE) in Holborn. I am at a book launch for Richard Falk’s latest collection of essays titled ‘Palestine’s Horizon’. Falk has been invited to the LSE as part of a larger promotional tour of the UK. Last week he was in Scotland. Today sees two events, at the LSE and the P21 Gallery in Euston. On Wednesday he is at Middlesex University. Next week he leaves the UK and travels to Cork, Ireland, where he is the primary keynote speaker at Oren Ben Dor’s anti-Israel hate-fest.
Richard Falk at the LSE
Richard Falk carries a long history of ‘controversial’ comments, statements, positions and actions, regarding Israel. The Jewish Chronicle described him as ‘a conspiracy theorist’ who ‘has praised the work of notorious self-hating Jew Gilad Atzmon, as well as posting an antisemitic cartoon on his blog’. During the talk he bats away the accusations with excuses, historical distortions and empty words, but this merely reflects part of the central problem with Jews and UK academia. He did post an antisemitic cartoon, he has made some remarks about ‘9/11 truth’ and he blamed the Boston bombings on the US and Tel Aviv.
On top of all this, he endorsed Gilad Atzmon’s book ‘The Wandering Who’. Note none of those controversies has anything to do with Palestinian human rights. Only when it comes to offending Jews is this type of activity considered acceptable. Nobody with such a long list of offensive statements against any minority group other than Jews, would still be given a platform inside a UK university.
So when you invite Richard Falk to promote yet another anti-Israel piece he has authored, there should be no doubt most Jews will consider the invitation antagonistic. This isn’t a secret known only to Jews either. Publicly the UK government, has on three separate occasions, ‘condemned’ Richard Falk and his attitude / actions towards Israel and Jews.
Leading the panel was Mary Kaldor, a Professor of Global Governance at the LSE. Kaldor described Falk as a ‘very old friend’. Alongside Falk and Kaldor sat Chris Doyle, Director of CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding). Mary Kaldor’s introductory remarks, that set the tone for the entire event, were to suggest the recent UN rejection of Falk’s latest report was the “latest variant” of the argument over free speech and Israel.
Students urged to read works of Holocaust denier David Irving at LSE event
Complaints have been made to the London School of Economics following a talk by a disgraced former UN official during which one of his supporters told students to read the works of notorious Holocaust denier David Irving.
The alleged remarks came amid protests against the presence on campus of Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Palestine from 2008 to 2014 who has been repeatedly condemned for inflammatory actions and statements by the UK. Today’s event was held to promote Falk’s new book ‘Palestine’s Horizon: Towards a Just Peace, in which he claims Jerusalem has been “ethnically cleansed”.
UN Watch had called for Theresa May to expel Falk from Britain after highlighting the fact that in 2012 the UK Foreign Office condemned Falk for providing the cover endorsement for Gilad Atzmon’s book “The Wandering Who” which accuses “the Jews” of being “the only people who managed to maintain and sustain a racially orientated, expansionist and genocidal national identity that is not at all different from Nazi ethnic ideology”. In April 2013, the UK Mission to the UN condemned Falk after he blamed the Boston terrorist attack on “the American global domination project” and “Tel Aviv”.
As Monday’s event descended into chaos with pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian shouting accusations and at least two of the former removed for disruptive behaviour, post-graduate Sapan Maini-Thompson claimed Atzmon audibly claimed Jews were being removed for misbehviour, as in Germany.

Jews anti-Semitically abused at London School of Economics event with Richard Falk
As Falk started his summing-up two of us held up signs in a silent protest. One sign said “Richard Falk: Shame on CAABU”, the other “Richard Falk: Condemned for Antisemitism”. There were several security guards in the room and one came and ripped up my sign even though it was a silent protest – I will be complaining. I then held up a sign saying “Richard Falk: Shame on LSE”. The meeting became rowdier and Mary Kaldor the Chair asked for the two of us to leave (apparently we were holding the signs too high…)
The Q+A was vile. One student got up and walked out upset. A man near the back of the room kept interrupting speakers, saying how awful Zionists were. Students at the back challenged him and then the man physically threatened them. Security surrounded him but didn’t remove him.
As I left the room, I held up my Israel flag. Our departure caused chaos with people complaining that silent protesters were being removed. Gilad Atzmon said “’Raus” as I left the room (it is on film though I didn’t hear it). He was admonished by the pro-Palestinians. Atzmon then turned around to the Jewish students at the back and said “being chucked out for causing trouble, just like you lot were in Germany”. The pro-Israel people then went ballistic at him and asked him to repeat it – which he happily did. Security was called to remove him – even the pro-Palestinians told him he had crossed a red line. Then (I was told – I was outside) the event descended into chaos as Security refused to remove Atzmon. It ended earlier than the 90 minutes planned.
Appalling. This was an official LSE event – not a student society one. Silent protesters are expelled but a vile anti-Semite is allowed to stay. Shame on LSE – and I speak as an Alumnus.

  • Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
Here is the last section of the symposium I organized last week in Jerusalem, with Adam Levick discussing the "alt-right". (Melanie Phillips has an interesting rejoinder.)

I may try to do the same in New York. I just need a venue, speakers and a sponsor :)

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
This is not about Linda Sarsour.

This is about Jews who are afraid to identify themselves as Zionists. This is about people worldwide who hear the word “Zionist” and think about tanks vs “freedom fighters,” “occupiers” vs “oppressed” people. 

This is about women who are put off by the title “feminist.” This is about women who happily identify themselves as feminists but do not think about women who live in less privileged countries.

This is about lies.

The problem with lies is not the lie itself or even the liar. It is only when listeners begin acting as if the lie is legitimate, as if it is the truth, that reality begins to warp.

Linda Sarsour is not the problem. She can announce that it is impossible to be a Zionist and a feminist until she is blue in the face. She can say whatever she wants, that’s her right (because she is lucky enough to live in America). Frankly, I don’t care what she says.

The problem is with all the people who listened and nodded. The people who pondered her words as if they were worthy of consideration and discussion.

The problem is with everyone who did not openly laugh in her face.

Anyone can say ridiculous things. I can tell you that whales swim in the clouds. That doesn’t make it true. It certainly doesn’t mean this is a topic that should be discussed and pondered. We know what whales are. We know what the sky is. End of story.

A few days ago, there was a piece on Israel’s Channel 10 discussing Sarsour’s statement that Zionism and feminism are incompatible. What I heard shook me to the core.

Two women were interviewed, both gender studies professors, one Jewish, the other an Israeli-Arab, both self-proclaimed feminists.

The Arab woman agreed completely with Sarsour. No surprise there. What horrified me was the Jewish woman’s response. She could not bring herself to utter the words “I am a Zionist.” She started apologizing, saying that today Zionism means apartheid and oppression and she certainly has nothing to do with that. Then she said, quietly: “But of course I do believe that Jews have the right to live free in our homeland, Israel.”

To this, the commentator replied: “That means you are a Zionist.”

No one has the power to determine your identity – unless you give them that power. The definition of Zionism is very clear: the belief that the Jewish people have the right of self-determination in their ancestral homeland, Israel. The re-establishment of the State of Israel is proof and an example to the world that: “If you can dream it, you can make it real.” Zionism is the Jewish example to the world that anything is possible, that with hard work and faith, against all odds, you can realize even the wildest dream.

That is my identity. No amount of lies, BDS, apartheid weeks or Linda Sarsours can change that. Unless I let them, unless I begin to behave as if their lies are reality.

The definition of feminism is also very clear: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It doesn’t say anything about one gender being better than the other or about men and women being identical. It’s about having equal value. Being a feminist does not mean hating men any more than being a Zionist means abusing Gazans or the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

Putting on a hat in the shape of female genitalia does not make that person a feminist. It’s not about demanding free birth control or even abortions. It’s certainly not about belittling men or pushing men aside. 

Feminism is about freedom. It is about the value of the individual woman and the freedom to achieve whatever she dreams about and is willing to work hard enough to achieve.

Just like Zionism.

Saying a feminist cannot be a Zionist is one of the most ridiculous statements a person can make. What liberation movement has more to do with the freedom and self-actualization of women than Zionism? What country provides more opportunity for women to achieve whatever they want than Israel?

While Hillary Clinton was discussing glass ceilings for women in America and touting her gender as a justification for voting for her, Israelis were saying, been there, done that. Long ago. 47 years ago. Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969.

MK Karin Elharar (Yesh Atid)
In Israel, women can be anything they want. They can be secretaries and CEO’s of billion dollar companies. They can be models and Nobel Prize laureates. Women can be combat pilots, government officials, judges and athletes. Women can drive a bus or work as a construction worker. They can be black or white, short, tall, thin, fat, pretty or not so pretty, of any ethnicity and with widely varying physical capabilities (do you have any government ministers that are confined to a wheelchair?). Not one of these labels matters. It’s their capabilities and drive to succeed that count. 

I have never heard an Israeli woman say, apologetically, “I am just a mom.” In Israel mothers are cherished and deeply appreciated. Lots of jobs are important but what job is more important than being someone’s mother?

Israel is an egalitarian State. Men and women worked side by side to re-establish the State. They fought for liberation together. There are male Zionist heroes and female heroes of Zion. My mother was named after a Zionist underground resistance organization, formed and led by a woman.

Zionist men and women came to Israel, plowed fields and built homes together. They fought off enemies, side by side. Together they build a country, together they birthed the Start-Up Nation.

Zionism and feminism go hand in hand. Saying otherwise is utterly ridiculous.

I don’t care what Linda Sarsour says. This isn’t about her. This is about everyone who listens to her lies and doesn’t laugh in her face. This is about people who let her lies define our reality.

I know who I am. I know what a Zionist is. I know what a feminist is too. If you don’t, open a dictionary.

Better yet – come to Israel and see for yourself.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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